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Breastfeeding Benefits infographic

Breastfeeding Benefits (Text Version)

[A woman breastfeeds her baby]

For Mom

Breastfeeding may make it easier to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy.
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Women who breastfeed longer have lower rates of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.
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Women who breastfeed have lower rates of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
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Breastfeeding triggers the release of oxytocin that causes the uterus to contract and may decrease the amount of bleeding you have after giving birth.
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For Baby

Breast milk has the right amount of fat, sugar, water, protein, and minerals needed for a baby’s growth and development.
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Breast milk is easier to digest than formula, and breastfed babies have less gas, fewer feeding problems, and less constipation.
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Breast milk contains antibodies that protect infants from certain illnesses, such as ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory illnesses, and allergies.
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Breastfed infants have a lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
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If your baby is born preterm, breast milk can help reduce the risk of many of the short-term and long-term health problems.
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