Everything on this website is created with a single goal: To provide you with reliable health information that supports your ability to take charge of your health.

Where Ideas Come From

  • Ideas and plans for topic coverage and website features are developed by ACOG staff and ACOG’s Patient Education Review Panel. The panel is a group of ob-gyns and other health care professionals with special interest and expertise in health information for the public.
  • If you are interested in submitting your story for ACOG’s Patient Stories series , you can can do so at

How Content is Created

  • Content is created by professional writers, ACOG Fellows, and other health care professionals. (Meet the experts.) The writers and editors working on this content have experience writing in plain language.
  • ACOG’s guidelines are the primary source for content, but information also may come from other medical societies, government agencies, nonprofits, and voluntary health organizations.
  • All content is written in plain language with an approach based on health literacy standards.

How Content is Reviewed

  • Every new piece of content is reviewed by a subject matter expert – typically an ob-gyn from one of ACOG’s committees – and by members of ACOG’s Patient Education Review Panel.
  • Reviewers ensure that the content is clinically accurate, useful, in line with ACOG’s guidelines, and readable at a wide range of literacy levels.
  • All content is reviewed by the Patient Education Review Panel every 24 months to ensure it is still accurate and current.

How Content Stays Unbiased

  • All writers and reviewers must disclose any conflicts of interest. Anyone with a conflict of interest on a particular topic does not write or review content related to that topic.
  • While this website is partially supported by advertising revenue and other external funding (see About Us), editorial content is not influenced by this funding. ACOG does not endorse companies or products.
  • ACOG may link to external websites that may be of interest to our readers. ACOG does not endorse the views expressed or the facts presented on these websites.