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Digital Pamphlet Subscription

Access the most up-to-date patient education materials online and on demand with the ACOG digital pamphlet subscription.

Download, print, and provide ACOG resources to patients anytime for extra support and guidance.

Topics include pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care, gynecologic problems, contraception, adolescent health, screening and prevention, and special procedures. All materials are backed by ACOG guidance, reviewed by ACOG members, and written to adhere to health literacy standards.

Subscribers get full digital access to:

  • All of ACOG's 130+ high-quality, evidence based, illustrated pamphlets
  • New! Fast Facts handouts with quick, easy-to-read information on important topics

Key benefits include:

  • The ability to download PDF files and print on demand, as well as share copies directly with patients via your practice's email account or message-sharing system
  • One year of access to the most current materials, updated in real time based on ACOG guidance
  • Flexibility to search and access from any device
  • Options to purchase in English, Spanish, or both languages

View free samples: Download Pamphlet and Fast Facts handouts in English and Spanish.

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Digital pamphlets contain the same information as print pamphlets, just resized for easy printing. Pamphlets and Fast Facts download as 8.5” x 11” PDF files.

Subscribe now for 1 year of unlimited access to all Digital Pamphlets and Fast Facts. All sales are final.

What subscribers can do with each PDF file

  • Keep electronic copies on a single computer, tablet, or phone
  • Email an electronic copy to patients via an email account
  • Send an electronic copy to patients via a message-sharing system (but not an EMR/EHR)
  • Print copies to give to patients

What subscribers can't do with any PDF file

  • Post the file on a website
  • Load the file into an EMR/EHR
  • Republish the entire file in its original form or in a new format