Patient Education

Womens Health Poster Bundle

Save 15% on select women’s health posters designed to keep your patients informed on important topics. Purchase four illustrated posters to display in your examination rooms for just $30.60 and provide an easy way for your patients to learn more about topics relevant to women’s health.

Effectiveness of Birth Control Methods Poster

This 26"x20" poster outlines the effectiveness of birth control methods, from the most effective to the least effective, in English and Spanish.

The Female Reproductive System Poster

This 20"x26" poster showcases internal and external views of the female reproductive systems to explain unique anatomical features, providing explanations of the menstrual cycle and how pregnancy occurs. 

Vaccines during Pregnancy Poster

This 22"x17" poster shares the importance of getting the influenza and Tdap vaccinations during pregnancy by showing how maternal antibodies are created and how they protect newborns, as well as by sharing the facts about safety and effectiveness.

Your Postpartum Care Team Poster

This colorful 22"x17" poster encourages pregnant patients to create a postpartum care team by describing the importance of it and who should be included to optimize postpartum care.  

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