Patient Education

Pregnancy and Substance Use Disorder Poster Bundle

Save 15% on a colorful series of four individual posters explaining the risks of birth defects caused by substance use. Purchase this bundle of posters to display in your examination rooms, inform patients about the risks of substance use during pregnancy, and encourage patients to avoid it. This bundle includes:

Alcohol and Pregnancy Poster

Explains the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy by educating patients on alcohol-related birth defects, including fetal alcohol syndrome, and encouraging them not to drink while pregnant.

Marijuana and Pregnancy Poster

Addresses marijuana use and includes ACOG’s recommendation against using marijuana when trying to become pregnant or while breastfeeding. Includes sections focused on the risks of marijuana use for pregnant people and their fetuses.

Opioid Use Disorder and Pregnancy Poster

Explains the recommended treatment for opioid use disorder during pregnancy, featuring separate sections focusing on how treatment works, why treatment matters, and the effects of treatment on a newborn.

Tobacco and Pregnancy Poster

Explains the risks of using tobacco during pregnancy with separate sections focusing on risks for the patient, risks for the fetus, and risks for the newborn. Also addresses secondhand smoke, e-cigarettes, and other smokeless tobacco products.

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