Discussions about abortion—whether with trainees, colleagues, hospital administrators, legislators, friends and family, or the media—can feel tense, adversarial, and potentially counterproductive. ACOG’s workshop, “Building Evidence-Based Skills for Effective Conversations about Abortion,” helps health care professionals develop skills needed for constructive discourse on abortion.

Each workshop is individualized to meet the unique needs of each institution, including specific requests regarding both time and content. All workshops, supplemental materials, and ongoing technical assistance are designed to support ACOG members and are provided free of charge.

During the workshop, expert presenters will:

  • Highlight key research findings
  • Discuss related principles in strategic communications and applied psychology
  • Offer a range of evidence-based recommendations that can equip clinicians to have more productive conversations about abortion
  • Share their personal experiences of implementing the recommendations in different contexts

Previous participants have praised the frameworks and examples provided during the workshop, and have reported feeling more comfortable and prepared to talk about abortion with a wide variety of audiences. 

Email [email protected] with questions or to request a workshop.