International Service Award

This award recognizes an ACOG Fellow who is in good standing and who has demonstrated service to a vulnerable or at-risk population in an international setting. ACOG past presidents, current ACOG executive board members, and those who have previously received any award for their service at the ACOG Annual Meeting are ineligible to be nominated. The award is not to be given as a recognition of activities related to service to ACOG or activities that are based on support of the specialty in legislative or regulatory decisions. 

The recipient will receive complimentary registration to the ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting, and the recipient will be recognized at the Annual Clincial and Scientific Meeting. .

Each District may  submit a letter of nomination (no more than 750 words) and the CV of its nominee to ACOG at no later than November 30.


Services to be Recognized:

  • Delivery of high quality care in a challenging or remote international setting
  • Meaningful participation or leadership of in-country training, delivery of care, or policy work
  • Spearheading collaboration, partnership, or relationship building within the international health care field that led to implementing an intervention or educational opportunity that helps advance the issue of maternal or reproductive health care worldwide
  • Commitment to designing health care interventions or efforts that consider sustainability and long-term impact
  • Service as an advocate for gender equality, women’s and children’s health, and global health rights