Our active partnerships enable our members to be part of the solution to improve women’s health around the world. For over two decades, we’ve managed projects in 22 countries in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. Our programs are designed to be results driven, sustainable, and expandable. We share information, collect data, provide continuing education, and collaborate with professional associations and ministries of health to spur change in maternal health outcomes.

Together, our achievements advance the well-being of women, ensure women's and girls' access to better sexual and reproductive health care services, and improve the delivery of maternal and women’s health care for women around the world. We also work diligently to help global and local stakeholders meet sustainable development goals. Read our capability statement or one-pager to learn more about the Office of Global Women's Health.

Our Team

Carla Eckhardt, MSc, Senior Director, Global Women's Health and Special Issues in Women’s Health

Fiona Clem, MLIS, Senior Information Manager

Ariana Rua, Program Manager

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Recognizing Your Efforts


Global Women's Health Awards

The following awards recognize obstetrician–gynecologists who have made significant contributions to efforts in global women's health.