We are in unprecedented times, and like many organizations across the country, ACOG has been evaluating the organization’s financial outlook given the current economic climate and global pandemic. ACOG undertook a comprehensive review of all programs, including the Office of Global Women’s Health. One of the results from the evaluation is that ACOG is not able to continue the Office of Global Women’s Health and related programmatic work. ACOG recognizes the important and valuable work that the OGWH has been involved in and deeply respects and appreciates the committee and program’s work and accomplishments. This decision is not a reflection on the work done by the Office through its programmatic work and dedicated ACOG members, nor is it an expression that global health has diminished in importance. This was a very difficult decision.
ACOG is working with Dr. Bert Peterson and the Global Operations Advisory Group that he chairs to evaluate future opportunities through focused efforts and coordination with other organizations and programs. ACOG continues to be supportive and engaged in international women’s health through partnerships and collaborations. Efforts are also underway to keep the community connected; one of these efforts is to continue to support the listserv.

We sincerely appreciate that The Global Women’s Health Community is a group that deeply cares about Global Women's Health and ACOG. We value this commitment and dedication as well as the work that has been done internationally to improve women’s health. ACOG remains committed to improving the health of women nationally and internationally, and ACOG will do so through innovative collaboration, coordination, and partnerships. We again very much appreciate your commitment to the care of women across the globe.