About the FASD Program

Alcohol use during pregnancy continues to be a concern in the United States. Ob-gyns are uniquely situated to help combat alcohol-related mortality and morbidity before, during, and after pregnancy.

ACOG's FASD Prevention Program is a CDC-funded initiative. Our goal is to empower health care providers to speak with their patients about abstaining from alcohol use during pregnancy by providing ob-gyns with the resources and tools they need to communicate with patients about this public health issue. We also develop and compile resources for patients including FAQs, referral and treatment recommendations, fact sheets, and other educational materials.

Our Team

Tonya M. McFadden, MS, MSA, Director, Strategies for Health Equity

Absara Haile, MHA, Program Manager, FASD Prevention Program

2022-2023 FASD Champions

District I: Erin Tracy, MD, MPH

District II: David J. Garry, DO

District III: Elizabeth E. Krans, MD, MSc; Vanessa Parisi, DO, MS, MPH

District IV: ;Joy Baker, MD, MT; Mishka Terplan, MD, MPH; Samuel Thomas Bauer, MD

District V: Courtney Townsel, MD, MSc; Rachelle Abdelnour, M.D. (Junior Champion)

District VI: Cresta Jones, MD; Yasuko Yamamura, MD

District VII: Tara Nicole Banaszek Daming MD; Elizabeth Barlet, MD

District VIII: Maria Manriquez, MD

District IX: Douglas Fenton, MD; Tricia Elaine Wright, MD

Armed Forces District: Scott M. Petersen, MD

District XI: Catherine Eppes, MD, MPH

District XII: Karen Harris, MD, MPH

Pediatric Liaison: Yasmin Senturias, MD

Contact [email protected] with any inquiries about the program.