The William H.J. Haffner American Indian/Alaska Native Women's Health Award, also known as the Haffner Award, recognizes any obstetrician, gynecologist, or health care professional who has made major contributions to the health care of American Indian and Alaska Native women.


Nominees could be but do not need to be obstetricians and gynecologists. Any health care professional, such as a family physician, physician assistant, registered nurse, certified nurse–midwife, or nurse practitioner, may be nominated for this award. Nominees must clearly demonstrate sustained commitment and dedication to providing exceptional care to American Indian and Alaska Native women, and they must be currently working for the Indian Health Service or in a health care position for an Indigenous nation or have retired from such a position within the last five years.

Please note that neither current nor incoming members of ACOG's Committee on American Indian/Alaska Native Women's Health, its liaisons, and its advisers are eligible for the award. They may, however, submit nominations.


The 2024 call for nominations will open later this year.

Nominations are reviewed and scored by the awards committee of the ACOG Committee on American Indian/Alaska Native Women's Health. An endowed fund raised by contributions from friends of ACOG and its Indigenous health initiatives, supplemented by ACOG's institutional endowment, support the cost of sustaining this annual award process. Please consider contributing to this important work with a donation of your own today.

If you have questions about the award or the nomination process, please contact [email protected].

Past Award Recipients

Many phenomenal health care professionals have been recognized with the Haffner Award. If you are or know someone who demonstrates the outstanding caliber of those already recognized, please consider submitting a nomination.

  • 2023: Amanda Bruegl, MD
  • 2022: Jennifer Whitehair, MD, FACOG
  • 2021: Peachie Barton-Daugherty, certified nurse–midwife
  • 2020: Capt. Suzanne England, DNP, certified nurse–midwife
  • 2019: Cdr. Rachel Locker, MD
  • 2018: Glen Y. Kishi, MD, FACOG, obstetrician–gynecologist
  • 2017: Ursula Knoki-Wilson, certified nurse–midwife
  • 2016: Amanda Leib, MD, FACOG, obstetrician–gynecologist
  • 2015: Marilyn Pierce-Bulger, certified nurse–midwife
  • 2014: John S. Condojani, DO, family practitioner
  • 2013: Ann Glasheen, family nurse practitioner
  • 2012: Judith Thierry, DO, pediatrician
  • 2011: Nigel Wappett, MD, FACOG, obstetrician–gynecologist