What data is required before a site visit?

You will need to submit demographic and clinical data for the department and for each health care professional (obstetrician–gynecologists and CNMs). We also require department meeting minutes, an organizational chart, and information on your quality improvement efforts.

Do you review more than just obstetric and gynecology issues?

Yes! A standard, comprehensive review also covers basic anesthesia, pediatrics and neonatology, family practice, and midwifery issues. However, if you require an in-depth review of the quality of care of these areas, a specialty reviewer can be included for an additional price.

Do you provide an individual case-review service?

No. A VRQC site visit is a comprehensive review of medical records, staff, and the facilities. We review the overall department, not just one case.

Is my hospital responsible for covering the review team’s expenses?

The total up-front cost covers all expenses for a review including food, travel, lodging, and administrative costs. The hospital is not required to pay for anything for the team beyond the fee.

What are the team’s recommendations based on?

All recommendations use ACOG’s evidence-based guidelines (including Practice Bulletins and Committee Opinions) as a reference. A copy of these guidelines will also be provided with the final report at no additional cost.

Who are the reviewers?

Reviewers are selected from the VRQC reviewer panel which is composed of ACOG Fellows experienced in peer review and quality assessment techniques, board-certified physicians in other specialties (eg, anesthesiologists, family physicians, certified nurse-midwives), and nurses specializing in obstetrics. Reviewers participate in a VRQC training program and complete periodic retraining. A high degree of sensitivity to confidentiality is built into the VRQC program. All reviewers must preserve the confidentiality of the identities of hospitals and physicians reviewed by the program. The hospital will be given the opportunity, before the site visit, to review the credentials of the chosen reviewers.