While there are numerous patient- and provider-facing applications focused on women’s health and wellness, there is still a gap in understanding how these technologies improve care and empower the patient to make informed decisions. Women’s health physicians are facing changes in the way patients interact with the health care system, manage their care, and expect care delivery. ACOG recognizes the importance of supporting physicians through these changes.

The goal of the Women’s Digital Health Alliance is to bring together multidisciplinary experts and innovators across technology, health systems, and professional organizations to:

  • Assist physicians in navigating the vast landscape of patient-facing digital tools
  • Promote quality, safety, and transparency in digital and mobile health
  • Foster collaboration among women’s health care physicians, stakeholders, patients, and innovators
  • Facilitate engagement between collaborators, digital innovations, and existing registries for women’s health data exchange

Immediate priorities of the Alliance include:

  • Refocusing on reVITALize, a data definition standardization for obstetrics and gynecology and one of the Alliance’s most significant initiatives
  • Developing a digital health primer for physicians
  • Exploring the possibilities for evaluating the quality of women’s health applications