The CHEC Your Practice podcast provides you with practice management, coding, and payment advice directly from ACOG’s Committee on Health Economics and Coding.


The Committee on Health Economics and Coding works diligently to advocate for obstetrician–gynecologists and to ensure that you are paid fairly for your work. All the guidance presented in this podcast is up-to-date, evidence-based advice and is supplemented with ACOG Committee Opinions, physician tool kits, and the latest medical coding articles.

2021 CHEC Your Practice Episodes

Episode 0


Episode 1

Appealing Denials (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Episode 2

Part 1: Basics of Physician Payment (Understanding Work RVUs)

Part 2: The RUC (Featuring Dr. Barbara Levy)

Part 3: The RUC Survey (Featuring Dr. Barbara Levy)

Episode 3

Part 1: The Business of Medicine (Featuring Dr. Lisa Hofler)

Part 2: The Business of Postpartum LARC (Featuring Dr. Lisa Hofler)

Episode 4

Part 1: Advice to My Younger Self (Featuring Dr. Eilean Attwood)

Part 2: Meaningful Interactions with ICD-10 (Featuring Dr. Eilean Attwood)

Episode 5   

Current Challenges in Practice Management (Featuring Dr. Gwenn Jackson)

  • Bonus 1: RVU Implications for Hospitalists and Employed Physicians (Featuring Dr. Gwenn Jackson)
  • Bonus 2: A Peek behind the Curtain (Featuring Dr. Gwenn Jackson)

Episode 6                          

Part 1: The ACOG Prenatal Record (Featuring Dr. Nadia Ramey)

Part 2: The Birth Registry (Featuring Maria Diaz)

Part 3: iPat (Integrated Perinatal Anxiety Tool kit (Featuring Katye Magee)

Episode 7

Patient Satisfaction and Contract Negotiations (Featuring Sean Currigan)

Episode 8

Major Payment and Documentation Changes Coming in 2021

Episode 9

DON'T MISS! E/M Changes For 2021

Episode 10

ACOG's Private Payer Workgroup

Episode 11

ACOG's NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal testing) Initiative

Episode 12

ACOG's Official Position on Vaccinating Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Against COVID-19