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Have obstetrics and gynecology coding questions? Want to report an issue with a payer, denial or appeal? ACOG’s Payment Advocacy and Policy Portal is the answer!

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Register now for access to Payment Advocacy and Policy Portal. Members and their staff will have access to assistance for:

  • Payer issues, such as appeals, denials, and policy changes
  • Telehealth billing and policies
  • Medicare & Medicaid regulations
  • Reporting administrative burden issues
  • The Affordable Care Act coverage policies
  • Coding events and products questions
  • Billing for ultrasounds, LARC, surgery and OB care
  • Diagnostic coding and procedure coding

How It Works

ACOG’s Payment Advocacy and Policy Portal is a member service free for physicians and their staff. Registration is required; we recommend that staff create their own account so they enjoy the benefits and information.

Once you register and confirm you are a user (and not a robot), you have immediate access to the latest updates for coding and billing policies, including a library of specific instructions for various procedures and situations. In addition, your questions are answered by certified medical coders, practice managers, physicians, and ACOG professionals with the most knowledge about the topic.

The questions are aggregated and tracked to identify similar issues. This system helps flag the ACOG private payer team of issues that are systemic or widespread that may require more analysis and intervention. Your participation helps ACOG identify the issues most important to the members.