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You Can Make a Difference! Apply to Become a Candidate for National Office at ACOG.

As a national officer, I have a seat at the table to help make decisions that will affect ACOG, our members, and our patients’ health. While I was honored to hold leadership positions in District II and on ACOG committees, I wanted to serve at a national level to support our members; give back to ACOG, which has supported so many of us throughout our careers; and help build our organization’s future.

Nominations are now open for ACOG members to serve as national officers. The national offices to be filled for the May 2022–23 term are president-elect, treasurer, assistant secretary, Fellow at large, and Young Physician at large. Apply before February 1, 2021, or encourage someone you know to apply.

As leaders of our member organization, national officers have an opportunity to advocate on behalf of our physicians and patients during national debates on policies affecting them, including issues of fair reimbursement and access to care. You will be able to fight for our members during one of the most trying times for frontline workers, participate in developing strategy for the organization, engage in many activities designed to have lasting positive effects on women's health, and interact and build relationships with members of other organizations.

ACOG needs members to step forward and lead. We want every member of our large and diverse membership to have a voice in the future of our specialty. I invite you to consider becoming a candidate for national leadership and joining the ranks of those who have served our members and our patients for more than 70 years. Running for office is a critical way to shape the present and future of ACOG.

Your voice is important to us. I hope you choose to apply.