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Congratulations 2020 Graduating Residents & Fellows

Congratulations, class of 2020! In this tumultuous time, you have persevered with your studies and succeeded in becoming the next generation of women’s


health care physicians. On behalf of ACOG, I’d like to extend our enthusiastic congratulations on your hard work and share our appreciation for the work you have done and will do for patients to come. To express our excitement, I joined with several members of ACOG national leadership and some of our Fellow and Junior Fellow leaders to film a video congratulating you all on your accomplishments and giving some tips and tricks to make the most of your time as a women's health care physician and ease your transition into practice. 

Now more than ever, taking care of yourself and preventing burnout is critical. I recommend taking care of your body and mind by exercising, eating right, and resting whenever possible. Spending time with family and friends and allowing yourself time to engage in hobbies can also improve and maintain your well-being and state of mind. I also believe that you should take time to focus on your future well-being in addition to your current well-being. Consider making lists of your goals so that you can see the progress you make throughout your career and focus on what’s important to you. 

As you take your next steps toward becoming a practicing physician, know that ACOG is working tirelessly on behalf of our members, their patients, and our specialty. We’re advocating for financial relief measures and PPE for obstetrician–gynecologists during COVID-19, ensuring access to health care for all patients, working to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in care outcomes, and more. We’re working to foster communities and create opportunities to network and make connections that matter through ACOG Engage. 

ACOG recognizes the hard work you put into completing medical school and residency. We look forward to the contributions you’ll make to our specialty, the improvements you’ll bring to patients’ lives through the care you’ll provide, and the new connections you’ll make within the women’s health care community. Please take time to celebrate this wonderful and successful attainment of your goals. 

Congratulations again, class of 2020—and best of luck!