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ACOG Observes International Women’s Day 2022


This International Women’s Day, ACOG is observing just some of the many ways that we can “break the bias” for our members and their patients.

Today and every day, ACOG recognizes the ways in which racism and bias harm people of color, in general, and specifically when perpetuated within our health care system. We also recognize that sexism and gender marginalization impact all women, especially transgender women of color. We invite our community to learn how to work toward achieving respectful care for all patients.

We also observe how the reproductive health of our members’ patients is subject to legislative interference, judgment, myths, and scrutiny. From stigma to outright bans, the impositions placed on our patients’ access to care are rooted in bias and prejudice. This harms patients by fostering misconceptions about reproductive medical care, holds reproductive medical care to a higher standard than other facets of health care, and creates barriers to health care access.

ACOG further appreciates the importance of valuing, respecting, and affirming a person’s identity, including through the use of language that reflects who people are. To that end, and to be inclusive of women and all patients in need of obstetric and gynecologic care, ACOG will move beyond the exclusive use of gendered language and definitions in our clinical guidance; our journal, Obstetrics & Gynecology; and in other resources and communications. It is our goal for all of our evidence-based information to improve the lives and health of all patients, no matter how they identify.

On this International Women’s Day, ACOG and our members honor the experiences of all who identify as women around the world; we recognize that those experiences are colored by harmful biases and generational trauma; and we continue strive for a world in which safe, inclusive, respectful obstetric and gynecological care is accessible for all.