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Leadership Every Day Starts with You


The application period to serve on an ACOG committee during the 2024–25 term has been extended to September 1. As the deadline draws closer, I encourage you to consider taking the leap and applying to serve on a committee—and applying yourself to leadership.

Serving on an ACOG committee allows you the opportunity to share your expertise in the issues that you care about and make a difference. ACOG’s Clinical Consensus Committee—Gynecology released an opinion that was critical to nearly a decade of advocacy and recently culminated in FDA approval of the first OTC birth control pill, which comes at a crucial time for reproductive health care access. This is just one example of the leadership that you can demonstrate to your patients through membership in an ACOG committee.

ACOG committees shape the future of health care for important and emerging topics by convening to discuss critical issues in obstetrics and gynecology and finding solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing our specialty today. Helping your physician colleagues navigate the present and future of their work and advocating for the best and most evidence-based option available in every arena of health care is the definition of leadership.

Your leadership won’t only be noticed by legislators and health care professionals. Patients are increasingly confused about, uncertain of, and even afraid for their reproductive rights, health, and futures. Now more than ever, your physician leadership is needed. By getting involved in ACOG committees, you show your colleagues and your patients that you are dedicated to stepping up and leading in your field. You may even inspire others to follow in your footsteps!

Whether you are a seasoned leader or are just beginning to find your footing as a leader, ACOG, our patients, our colleagues, and our profession need you. Learn more about getting involved in ACOG leadership and apply to serve on an ACOG committee today.