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Obstetrician–Gynecologists Continue to Lead at the AMA House of Delegates Annual Meeting

ACOG’s Delegation at the AMA House of Delegates meeting gather for a photo on stage.
ACOG’s Delegation at the AMA House of Delegates Annual Meeting.

This week, physicians from across the nation convened at the AMA House of Delegates to determine AMA policy on the most pressing issues affecting physicians and patients. ACOG’s 14-member delegation, led by Nita Kulkarni, MD, FACOG, is a powerful and respected voice at the AMA, providing critical on-the-ground perspectives of obstetrician–gynecologists and their patients.

ACOG’s delegation continued to solidify its reputation as the authority on policies affecting all those seeking obstetric and gynecologic care. We achieved major gains during the meeting, including new AMA policies that …

  • Oppose adverse medical licensing actions and the termination of medical liability coverage for those assisting in, referring patients to, or providing reproductive health services
  • Protect access to gender-affirming care, including support for increased opportunities for education in gender-affirming care training and equitable, evidence-based coverage
  • Reaffirm the FDA’s mission of regulating safe and effective medications without political or ideological interference
  • Declare Medicare physician payment reform as an urgent advocacy and legislative priority
  • Support appropriate payment for screening and treatment of mental health conditions during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Support appropriate payment for pain management for gynecologic procedures
  • Support intimate partner and sexual violence safe leave for employees
  • Support increased access to care and treatment for pregnant and postpartum individuals with opioid use disorder without criminal sanctions
  • Support access to trial of labor after cesarean when medically appropriate and appropriate resources are available
  • Encourage state, territory, and tribal activities to improve child welfare systems and support family preservation when appropriate
  • Increase access to at-home injectable contraception

ACOG’s delegation also successfully led the effort to soundly defeat resolutions attempting to undermine the strong AMA policy passed last year to protect and improve access to reproductive health.

Finally, members of ACOG’s delegation were thrilled to help present Caitlin Bernard, MD, MPH, FACOG, with the first-ever AMA Foundation Courage in Women’s Health Advocacy Award.

The size and strength of ACOG’s delegation in the AMA House of Delegates, which meets twice annually, is determined by the number of ACOG members who are also members of the AMA. Help us make an even bigger impact by joining the AMA today and designating your specialty as obstetrics and gynecology.