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Inspiring Words of Affirmation


By Diane A. Evering-Simms, MD, FRCOG, FACOG


As an obstetrician–gynecologist generalist, I have enjoyed a measure of success with infertility workups and interventions. But in the case that comes to mind for me this Women’s History Month, we had done everything that I knew to do, and still, the patient had not become pregnant.

The patient’s spouse wanted to move on to another physician. The patient shared her spouse’s wish with me but made a point to add: “Just get a second opinion for me, doctor, because I don’t want to leave you.”

I was astounded into humility at the faith she continued to have in me despite her challenges. Besides, I too was very fond of her. The feeling was mutual.

Promptly, I got a documented second opinion consultation from an infertility specialist, whose care and judgment did not deviate from that of my own. The patient continued my prescribed corrective treatment, and very soon afterward, she got pregnant. She had two sons, both of whom I had the pleasure of delivering. (She always joked with me that the first son was always her favorite.) She then went on to refer her friends to me.

I am eternally grateful for her vote of confidence in me, which led to several subsequent pregnancy success stories.

The national theme for this year’s Women’s History Month is Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories. This March, ACOG wants to uplift the women whose stories or words have empowered our members. Email [email protected] to share a quote from someone you admire and, if you like, explain why it’s meaningful to you.