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Obstetrician–Gynecologists Demonstrate Leadership at the AMA House of Delegates Interim Meeting

A group of ob-gyns wearing tropical print t-shirts pose in front of a banner that reads
ACOG’s Delegation at the AMA House of Delegates

This week, physicians from across the nation convened at the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates (HOD) to determine AMA policy on issues impacting physicians and patients. All business considered at the meeting, the first since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision, was advocacy related, and provided an important opportunity to build on the important reproductive health successes from the Annual meeting.

ACOG's 14-member delegation, led by Nita Kulkarni, MD, is a powerful and respected voice at the AMA, bringing critical on-the-ground perspective to inform the development of AMA policy that impacts obstetrician-gynecologists and their patients.

ACOG’s hard-working AMA delegation achieved major gains during the meeting, including securing AMA support for ACOG priorities including:

  • Updating AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics on abortion to detach the AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics from the law, which is continually shifting and may not be based on medical evidence, instead emphasizing good medical practice and medical judgment
  • Building on the strong abortion policies passed at the Annual meeting by:
    • Continuing to support physicians practicing evidence-based medicine
    • Advocating for public and private coverage of abortion services
    • Advocating for the availability of abortion education, including funding for institutions that provide clinical training on reproductive health services
    • Supporting increased health privacy on mobile apps
    • Advocating that pregnancy loss shall not be criminalized for physicians or patients
    • Opposing restrictions on access to medication on the basis that it could be used off-label for pregnancy termination
    • Rescinding historical AMA policy that perpetuated unscientific and harmful rhetoric in conflict with newer AMA policy
  • Advocating for coverage for fertility preservation therapy services for those experiencing iatrogenic infertility as a result of necessary medical treatments
  • Supporting establishment of leave policies for residents and physicians experiencing pregnancy loss
  • Advocating for increased equity and access in the health care system, including via a public option
  • Affirming and continuing to support AMA’s ongoing work on continuing board certification

ACOG's size and strength in the AMA HOD is determined by the number of our members who are also members of the AMA. Want women's health and our specialty to have an even bigger impact in AMA policy? Join the AMA today, and designate your ob-gyn specialty.