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Helping My Patients Take Control of Their Reproductive Health


Jessica McLaughlin, MD, FACOG


I feel honored to take care of my patients and help them achieve their reproductive goals, whatever they may be. I hope to empower them to take the first step towards their goal. That could mean seeking care for infertility, pursuing fertility treatment with donor sperm, or considering fertility preservation if they desire to delay childbearing. Providing thoughtful reproductive care to my patients is essential.

Patients often feel overwhelmed when they enter my office for an initial visit. My aim as their physician is to open an honest dialogue. Throughout the conversation I can sense a change as we become thoughtful about performing a workup and making a plan. By the end of the appointment I can see in their face that they feel better. My patients and I are working together to help them take control of their reproductive health.

I encourage my patients to think about their reproductive goals and start a conversation about them. Helping my patients achieve their dream of having a family in the way that is best for them is why we do what we do!

On a personal level, I am proud to be a woman in medicine. I, like many women in medicine, wear multiple hats, including being a mom. I hope my daughters look to me and see a role model and appreciate what a privilege it is to be a woman in medicine.

Jessica McLaughlin is a reproductive endocrinologist at Coastal Fertility Specialists in South Carolina.

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