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Finding and Offering a Safe Space for the LGBTQ+ Community


Headshot of ACOG member Reid Gamble, DO, MA.
Reid Gamble, DO, MA (he/his)


Every June, I am reminded of the sacrifices made, battles endured, and pain experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals to make our profession a more inclusive space for all. As a new physician, resident, and obstetrician–gynecologist, I have much to be grateful for in the past couple months. The prideful, proud, and gay space I have been offered in obstetrics and gynecology is owed all to those before me. In that light, I would like to share what pride means to me.

Pride, for me, was the ability to proudly share my perspective and queerness during the residency application process.
Pride, for me, was knowing that the program I matched at would celebrate me for my authentic self both professionally and personally.

Pride, for me, is knowing I can offer a safe space to discuss health and related topics with LGBTQ+ patients.
Pride, for me, is celebrating pronouns.
Pride, for me, is being open to endless identities.
Pride, for me, is being the supportive and empathetic physician I wish I had had as a frightened queer male in my early years.