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Supreme Court Review of Cameron vs. EMW Women’s Surgical Center: What You Should Know


This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Cameron v. EMW Women’s Surgical Center, a case about whether the elected attorney general of the state of Kentucky can intervene in the judicial review of a law that had previously been struck down by both a district court and an appellate court.

This case has been framed as relevant to access to abortion care, as the law at the heart of the case is Kentucky HB 454, which would have banned abortions after 11 weeks of gestation and outlawed the dilation and evacuation procedure. ACOG remains opposed to any bans on safe, medically indicated treatment options or procedures as well as gestational age bans that would contradict the constitutionally protected access to abortion prior to viability.

It is concerning that the Court’s decision in this case could empower one individual to pursue legal challenges to laws that have already been litigated and found to be unconstitutional. However, it is important to note that a decision by the Supreme Court in this case will not determine the constitutionality of Kentucky HB 454.

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