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ACOG Announces the Departure of Skye Perryman, JD


It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude for her contributions that ACOG announces that Skye Perryman, JD, will be stepping down as Chief Legal Officer of the organization.

During her tenure at ACOG, Ms. Perryman has led the organization’s legal, government relations, health policy, and communications departments. She was instrumental to ACOG’s lawsuit challenging the Food and Drug Administration’s medically unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a significant regulatory change that has allowed some patients to access to medication for termination of early pregnancy and management of miscarriage by mail. FDA has now announced that it is conducting a full review of the restrictions.  Ms. Perryman also oversaw the organization’s valued role in the courts, with ACOG briefs playing a critical role in decisions impacting patient access to care.

Skye Perryman’s dedication to the ACOG mission and to its membership will have a lasting impact on the world of women’s health and on the countless patients for whom our members provide care. Under her leadership, ACOG and our obstetrician-gynecologist advocates have achieved tremendous legislative and legal victories, including those that have supported ACOG members during the COVID-19 pandemic, protected access to comprehensive health care, and led to policy addressing the nation’s maternal-mortality crisis. We are grateful to Ms. Perryman for her time at ACOG and proud that her work with our organization will contribute to her future leadership and impactful work.