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ACOG Participates in Black Maternal Health Caucus Summit


This week, the Black Maternal Health Caucus, chaired by Representatives Lauren Underwood (D-IL) and Alma Adams (D-NC), held its second annual policy summit to seek policy recommendations from stakeholders and discuss plans for policy action for the remainder of the year. ACOG was pleased to submit comments  to the Caucus reaffirming our commitment to elevating Black women’s voices, promoting health equity, and advocating for evidence-based maternal health legislation that will work to eliminate racial health inequities and extend coverage for postpartum women who rely on Medicaid. ACOG also submitted a video to the Caucus featuring Junior Fellow College Advisory Council Chair Mali Schneiter, DO, and Vice Chair Talia Coney, MD, in which they conveyed ACOG’s commitment to being introspective, listening to Black women, and doing the critical work needed to improve health outcomes for Black women. ACOG will continue to partner with the Caucus to enact meaningful legislation to end preventable maternal mortality and save Black women’s lives.