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HHS Announces Relief Funds for Ob-gyns Who Care for Patients Covered by Medicaid


Following ACOG’s determined advocacy to secure federal relief funds for all obstetrician-gynecologists, HHS announced  yesterday they will be distributing federal relief funds to health care practitioners who see patients covered by Medicaid and have been excluded from receiving funds. Dr. Eva Chalas, ACOG President, released a statement in response, urging HHS to distribute these funds quickly, as many obstetrician-gynecologists have already been waiting months for relief. Dr. Chalas also recommended that HHS prioritize the long-term financial stability of women’s health care by directing additional funds to all obstetrics and gynecology practices.

In order to access these funds, practices will need to apply through the HHS website . Practices that were previously excluded from federal relief funds and billed Medicaid between January 1, 2018, and May 31, 2020 are eligible to apply. Visit our step-by-step guide  for more information and help with the application process.

ACOG is continuing to advocate to ensure that all women’s health practices, regardless of their patient mix, receive equitable financial relief. We also recognize that many of your practices continue to experience serious financial strain. To help secure the long-term financial wellbeing of your practices, we have also urged HHS to send additional targeted relief fund payments to all obstetrics and gynecology practices. Catch up with our latest advocacy efforts.