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ACOG Thanks Members on the Frontlines of COVID-19

To all our members who pursued a career in medicine out of an unwavering desire to help others, ACOG thanks you. We know that, despite any uncertainty or fear, you continue to show up every day. You do it, for the simple fact that caring for patients is what you do.

You are our heroes. At ACOG, we are proud to be working, supporting, and advocating for you.


The music in the video is a song called “Take Responsibility” by Nigerian disability activist, Grace Jerry. The song beautifully captures all that we can do to keep our families and communities safe during this time.

This video is part of a larger effort to thank our members on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every week, we highlight a member who is tirelessly working to protect and support patients and staff during this national crisis.


Follow us on social media or open the next ACOG Rounds in your inbox to see your fellow members who have been highlighted. If you know someone you'd like to nominate, please email us and let us know. Make sure to include a photo and a description of why they’re being nominated.