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2020 Fellow District Officer Elects

District II

District II Chair: Camille Clare, MD, MPH, CPE


District II Chair Elect: Christine Herde, MD*

District II Secretary: Mary Rosser, MD, PhD

District II Treasurer: Vanessa Barnabei, MD, PhD

District IV

District IV Chair: Sandra Reed, MD

District IV Chair Elect: May Hsieh Blanchard, MD*

District IV Secretary: Scott Sullivan, MD, MSCR

District IV Treasurer: Nabal Bracero, MD

District V

District V Chair: Thomas Burwinkel, MD, MBA

District V Chair Elect: Jody Jones, MD*

District V Secretary: Matthew Allswede, MD

District V Treasurer: Wayne C. Trout, MD

District VIII

District VIII Chair: Stella Dantas, MD

District VIII Chair Elect: Judith M. Kimelman, MD*

District VIII Secretary: Bliss Kaneshiro, MD, MPH

District VIII Treasurer: Ilana Addis, MD, MPH

District IX

District IX Chair: Diana Ramos, MD, MPH

District IX Chair Elect: Kelly McCue, MD*

District IX Secretary: Antoinette Marengo, MD

District IX Treasurer: John P. McHugh, MD

District XII

District XII Chair: Shelly Holmstrom, MD

District XII Chair Elect: Cole Greves, MD*

District XII Secretary: Daniel Christie, MD

District XII Treasurer: Julie DeCesare, MD

*District Chairs Elect will automatically move on to serve a separate term as the District Chair once their Chair Elect term is complete. By applying for this particular office you are agreeing to serve a total of four years (one two-year term as District Chair Elect, and one two-year term as District Chair). Automatic ascension applies to this position only.

Please contact the Fellow Election Manager ([email protected], (202) 863-2531) if you have any questions.

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