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2019 Fellow Section Officer Elects

ACOG is proud to announce the 2019 Fellow Section Officer Elects. 

District I Sections

Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic Provinces Chair: Jillian Carpenter, MD



Maine Chair: Danielle Salhany, DO

Maine Vice Chair: Melissa Collard, MD


Vermont Chair: Malcom Paine, MD

Vermont Vice Chair: Kimberley Sampson, MD

Vermont Secretary/Treasurer: Lauren MacAfee, MD, MSc

District II Sections

New York Section 2 Chair: Ana Munoz-Matta, MD

New York Section 2 Vice Chair: Carmen Llopiz-Valle, MD

New York Section 5

New York Section 5 Vice Chair: Cathy Berry, MD

New York Section 8

New York Section 8 Chair: Jessica Atrio, MD

New York Section 8 Vice Chair: Komal Bajaj, MD, MS-HPEd

New York Section 9

New York Section 9 Chair: Craig Zelig, MD

New York Section 9 Vice Chair: Dympna Weil, MD

District III Sections


Delaware Chair: Nancy Fan, MD

Delaware Vice Chair: Vanita D. Jain, MD

Delaware Secretary: Margaret Chou, MD

Delaware Treasurer: Larry Glazerman, MD, MBA


Pennsylvania Chair: Stephen J. Smith, MD

Pennsylvania Vice Chair: Amanda Flicker, MD

Pennsylvania Secretary: Holly Cummings, MD, MPH

Pennsylvania Treasurer: Gabriella Gosman, MD

District IV Sections


Argentina Chair: Pablo Carpintero, MD

Argentina Vice Chair: Gustavo Litterio, MD


Maryland Chair: Robert Atlas, MD

Maryland Vice Chair: Betty Chou, MD

Maryland Secretary/Treasurer: Bailey Cannon, MD

North Carolina

North Carolina Chair: Robin D. Matthews, MD

North Carolina Vice Chair: Keith H. Nelson, MD

North Carolina Treasurer: Katie Borders, MD

West Indies

West Indies Chair: Judith A. Dallas, MD

West Indies Vice Chair: Daryl A. Daley, MD

West Virginia

West Virginia Chair: Coy Flowers, MD

West Virginia Vice Chair: Shon Rown, MD

District V Sections


Ohio Chair: Amy Burkett, MD

Ohio Vice Chair: David Hackney, MD, MS

Ohio Secretary/Treasurer: Danielle Martter, MD

District VI Sections


Minnesota Chair: Elizabeth Elfstrand, MD

Minnesota Vice Chair: Siri Fiebiger, MD

Minnesota Secretary/Treasurer*: Cresta Jones, MD


Saskatchewan Chair: Nerissa Tyson, MD

Saskatchewan Vice Chair: Tin-Wing Yen, MD

South Dakota

South Dakota Chair: Erica Schipper, MD

South Dakota Vice Chair: Mark Ballard, MD

District VII Sections


Alabama Chair: David Ellington, MD

Alabama Vice Chair: Rodney Rocconi, MD

Alabama Secretary/Treasurer: Janeen Arbuckle, MD, PhD


Kansas Chair: Charles Gibbs, MD, MFA

Kansas Vice Chair: Kimberly Swan, MD

Kansas Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Baldassaro, MD


Mexico Chair: Sergio Fajardo-Duenas, MD

Mexico Vice Chair: Rodrigo Zamora-Escudero, MD

Mexico Secretary/Treasurer: Jose Tiran-Saucedo, MD


Missouri Chair: Ravi Johar, MD

Missouri Vice Chair: Mistie Mills, MD

Missouri Secretary/Treasurer: Colleen McNicholas, DO, MSCI

District VIII Sections


Alaska Chair: Wendy Cruz, MD

Alaska Vice Chair: Ellie Hogenson, MD, MPH


Alberta Chair: Karen Bailey, MD

Central America

Central America Chair: Cesar Reyes Martinez, MD

Central America Vice Chair: Ruben Fernandez Serrano, Jr., MD

Central America Secretary: Isaac Castrillo Acuna, MD

Central America Treasurer: Alfredo Beitia Samudio, MD

Central America Vocal 1: Wendy Bautista Murcia, MD

Central America Vocal 2: Marcio Benito Montoya Altamirano, MD


Idaho Chair: Clarence Blea, MD


Montana Chair: Andrew Malany, MD

Montana Vice Chair: Amy Korten, MD


Utah Chair: Scott Jacob, MD

Utah Vice Chair: Scott Hansen, MD

Utah Secretary: Dyanne Tappin, MD

Utah Treasurer: Lori Gawron, MD, MPH


Washington Chair: Nariman Heshmati, MD

Washington Vice Chair: Kate McLean, MD, MPH

Washington Treasurer: Alson Burke, MD

District IX Sections

California Section 1

California Section 1 Chair: Catherine Cansino, MD, MPH

California Section 1 Vice Chair: Juliana Melo, MD

California Section 7

California Section 7 Chair: Manuel Porto, MD

California Section 7 Vice Chair: David Lagrew, Jr., MD

District X Section(s)


Navy Chair: Stuart Shippey, MD

Navy Vice Chair: Adam Sischy, MD

Navy Vice Chair-Retired: Maureen Farrell, MD

District XI Sections

Texas Section 3

Texas Section 3 Chair: David Vineyard, JD, MD

Texas Section 3 Vice Chair: Kimberly Carter, MD

Texas Section 3 Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Nix, MD

District XII Sections

Florida Section 1

Florida Section 1 Chair: Suzanne Bush, MD, NCMP

Florida Section 1 Vice Chair: Tanya Evers, MD

Florida Section 4

Florida Section 4 Chair: Carol S. Cox, MD

Florida Section 4 Vice Chair: Sheila Connery, MD

*Denotes an appointed position
Please contact [email protected] or (202) 314-2346 if you have any election related questions or concerns.