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2018 Fellow District Officer Elects

ACOG is proud to announce the 2018 Fellow District Officer Elects.

District I (includes Atlantic Provinces, Chile, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Quebec, Rhode Island, and Vermont)

District I Chair: Steven J. Fleischman, MD


District I Vice Chair: Maryanne McDonnell, MD

District I Secretary: Erin E. Tracy, MD, MPH

District I Treasurer: E. Christine Brousseau, MD

District IV (includes District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Virginia, West Indies, and West Virginia)

District IV Chair: Wade A. Neiman, MD

District IV Vice Chair: Sandra B. Reed, MD

District IV Secretary: May Hsieh Blanchard, MD

District IV Treasurer: Scott A. Sullivan, MD, MSCR

District VII (includes Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mexico, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee)

District VII Chair: Elizabeth R. Lapeyre, MD

District VII Vice Chair: Grant R. Cox, MD

District VII Secretary/Program Chair: Leonard A. Brabson, MD

District VII Treasurer: Christopher T. Welsch, MD

District XII (Florida)

District XII Chair: Guy I. Benrubi, MD

District XII Vice Chair: Shelly W. Holmstrom, MD

District XII Secretary: Julie Zemaitis DeCesare, MD

District XII Treasurer: Cole D. Greves, MD

Please contact [email protected] or (202) 863-2531 if you have any election related questions or concerns.