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We’re all in uncharted territory. ACOG has pivoted our daily efforts to ensure that you, your patients, and your practice are able to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Help support our efforts by renewing for 2021 as we get through this together.

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ACOG has a variety of resources to help you and your practice.

Protecting Your Practice

Securing Your Payment

  • Successfully advocated for CMS to implement payment parity for audio-only and audio-video telehealth visits
  • Secured telehealth coverage from commercial payers
  • Published guidance to help practices bill, code, and document digital and telehealth services

Financial Relief 

  • Successfully advocated for federal relief funds
  • Secured extensions on deadlines to apply for federal relief funds

Protecting Physicians from Liability

  • Urged governors and state legislatures to provide liability immunity not only to frontline and volunteer physicians but also to all physicians abiding by COVID-19 directives or making care decisions based on their best judgment and determination during the pandemic
  • Urged governors, state legislatures, and state insurance commissioners to provide physicians relief from burdensome administrative and reporting requirements and medical liability premiums that could inhibit their COVID-19 response

Supporting Practice Management

Supporting Frontline Workers

Advocating for Your Safety 

  • Urged prioritization of PPE and testing in labor and delivery units
  • Issued 50 state calls to action to state officials urging protection of frontline workers 
  • Successfully urged the U.S. Department of Labor to denounce employer retaliation against frontline workers for reporting unsafe working conditions 
  • Provided resources and guidance for residency programs outlining steps to protect residents, fellows, and medical personnel 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Testing 

  • Affirmed that PPE is a fundamental expectation for all frontline health care professionals 
  • Helped the CDC clarify its PPE usage recommendations to ensure clear guidance for obstetric care clinicians’ needs around protection when attending to patients 
  • Held routine calls with White House Coronavirus Response Team and urged immediate action to alleviate the critical shortage of PPE, testing, and ventilators 
  • Urged Congress and the administration to prioritize access to PPE and COVID-19 testing for labor and delivery units 
  • Promoted existing guidance on how hospitals can prepare for large-scale catastrophic events and infectious disease outbreaks at all community levels 

Promoting Wellness

  • Provided a complimentary on-demand webinar on incorporating wellness best practices for clinicians and their colleagues through the pandemic
  • Developed a one-page resource to help ensure clinician wellness during the COVID-19 health emergency 

Prioritizing Patient Care

Support in Caring for Patients

  • Developed a Practice Advisory and FAQs to help clinicians address COVID-19 in their practices and created practitioner algorithm for prompt assessment and management of pregnant patients (English/Spanish)
  • Urged state governments to give hospitals flexibility on visitor policies for labor and delivery units; maintain hospitals as the safest birth option; and ensure that essential, time-sensitive obstetric and gynecological procedures, including abortion care, are not postponed or inaccessible
  • Successfully encouraged the White House Coronavirus Task Force to publicly reinforce to pregnant patients that obstetrician–gynecologists are working to keep them safe

Promoting Equity and Access 

  • Hosted timely virtual webinars and discussions to assist members in providing patient-centered, respectful care 
  • Successfully urged Congress and the administration to
    • Preserve access to Medicaid for pregnant and postpartum patients for the duration of the pandemic
    • Support coverage of telehealth services 
    • Ensure that families can remotely certify for WIC program benefits
  • Advocated for payer coverage of at-home blood pressure and monitoring equipment for pregnant and postpartum patients
  • Successfully removed burdensome FDA restrictions on access to reproductive health care 
  • Urged data collection efforts to ensure  that racial and ethnic data is collected
  • Stressed the importance of inclusion of pregnant and lactating women in COVID-19 vaccine trials

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