ACOG’s signature leadership program helps provide talented obstetrician–gynecologists with the skills they need to lead the profession and health care as a whole in times of change. Our 2023 giving campaign is your chance to give back. Join us as we work together to sustain ACOG’s signature leadership program into the future by donating today. 


Invest in the Future of Leadership in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Donate today to help us continue the program that has helped prepare 18 ACOG presidents, dozens of ACOG District chairs, and countless other obstetrician–gynecologist leaders throughout North America and the Caribbean for critical leadership roles. Founded in 2006, the ACOG Robert C. Cefalo Leadership Institute develops and strengthens the leadership skills of 40 of ACOG’s members each year. This transformational program has prepared nearly 700 obstetrician–gynecologists across 11 countries and three continents since its inception. Your donation makes a difference in the lives of our members and the strength of ACOG as an organization. We appreciate your support! 


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Top of the Class: ACOG Cefalo Institute Class Fundraising Competition 

Join the ultimate battle of the ACOG Cefalo Institute classes by competing to make your graduating Cefalo class the winner of this year’s giving campaign! The competition runs until Friday, September 29, and the winning class will be announced on Tuesday, October 3.

The winning class year will receive a virtual leadership seminar taught by AnnaMarie Connolly, ACOG’s chief of education and academic affairs, and Claudia Fernandez, DrPH, ACOG Cefalo Leadership Institute program director. The class will be polled in advance regarding the training sessions they feel would be most valuable.


For more information, contact Individual and Planned Giving Director Brenda Bochner at [email protected] or (202) 863-4983.