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ACOG is seeking new reviewers to join the Voluntary Review of Quality of Care (VRQC) program. Are you an ACOG Fellow who is passionate about quality and safety? Would you like to help improve obstetrics and gynecology practices and departments at U.S. hospitals? Do you thrive as part of a multidisciplinary team? If you answered yes to these questions, we want to hear from you!

About VRQC

For more than 30 years, the VRQC program has provided meaningful analysis and recommendations for facilities across the United States. VRQC offers confidential, unbiased, customized site visits led by a multidisciplinary care team, including ACOG Fellows, who assist in providing a comprehensive assessment of obstetrics and gynecology departments across the United States.

VRQC Team Role

Review team composition varies and may consist of obstetrician–gynecologists, CNMs, anesthesiologists, maternal–fetal medicine specialists, family physicians, and nurses. VRQC reviewers analyze hospital data before a site visit. A VRQC visit typically lasts four days, from Thursday to Sunday; is usually in person; and includes a facility tour, staff interviews, and a review of medical records. Reviewers conduct the evaluation using evidence-based ACOG guidelines and then support development of a final report with findings, actionable recommendations, and ACOG resources. The program commitment for a team associate includes availability for at least two site visits annually. ACOG covers all travel-related expenses. Reviewers also receive compensation for each site visit. The position is ongoing and is reviewed and renewed annually, subject to continued interest and availability.

VRQC Team Associate Role

  • Review preliminary hospital data
  • Participate in site visits, attend entrance and exit conferences, participate in interviews, and conduct chart reviews
  • Work with the review team to provide findings and recommendations presented to facility staff at exit conferences, ensuring all recommendations follow ACOG guidelines
  • Review and provide input into final written reports issued to hospital personnel
  • Represent ACOG’s mission, vision, and values on each site visit

VRQC Team Associate Application

To be considered, fill out the VRQC review team application form. The candidate review process is ongoing.


If you have any questions or want to discuss the VRQC program or a reviewer’s role, please email [email protected].