Our Mission

We aim to improve the experience of our members and health outcomes for women through the development of health IT tools and the collection and analysis of clinical data to support quality improvement for ob-gyns. This will allow ACOG to:

  • Develop enhanced clinical documentation for electronic data collection at the point of care and improve existing data infrastructure and clinical workflow
  • Advance interoperability and data standardization initiatives across women’s health registries, electronic health record systems, and other data sources
  • Collect data for the improvement of quality care through analysis, research, document development, advocacy, and education
  • Develop clinical quality measures to advance patient centered care and improve quality reporting metrics for providers

About Us

The Health IT and Clinical Informatics department oversees ACOG’s efforts to provide innovative technology and data-driven solutions to our members to helpElectronic clinical documentation, data aggregation, and measure development bubbles cycling around an interoperability bubble support clinical decision making and improve women’s health outcomes. We are committed to establishing partnerships with government, academic, and industry leaders who share our mission and goals. We recognize the importance of forming these partnerships to advance innovation in women’s health. ACOG also aims to further the development of clinical interoperability standards by contributing to the field of health IT and informatics.

To accomplish our mission we strategically chose several key focus areas that create a Health Informatics Ecosystem, integrating ACOG objectives. These objectives utilize interoperability to improve electronic clinical documentation and clinical workflow for physicians. This also facilitates the collection of more uniform discrete data elements. The ability to collect these data elements further facilitates the development of clinical quality measures to assess women’s health outcomes and identify gaps in data collection efforts.

ACOG’s leadership in health IT and clinical informatics is transforming the intersection of the ob-gyn specialty and technology to reduce physician burden and improve the delivery of health care for women.

For more information or to ask a question, please contact us at [email protected].

ACOG Informatics Group

What is the ACOG Informatics Group?

This group was created to promote the development, adoption, and use of health IT to improve the health of women by:

  • Providing a forum for collaboration and education on clinical informatics projects related to women’s health care.
  • Sharing best practices for improving health care delivery with health IT.
  • Establishing a core of individuals with specific domain expertise for women’s health IT issues that can serve as a resource to the industry and other organizations.
  • Helping to develop tools that will assist the transition into value-based care.
  • Developing solutions to alleviate physician burden.