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How to Make Yourself Stand Out as a Medical School Student


The medical field is one of the fastest-growing career fields, and as such, it's very competitive. While a great GPA and soaring through the average MCAT scores will get you into medical school, you will need an edge to make you stand out in the crowded field. Along with great academic accomplishments, the following activities will make an enticing background that will make you shine in the notoriously competitive field.

Clinical Work

Aside from beating test scores and strong grades, a medical student's other crucial element is broad exposure to clinical work. It can be either a paid position or volunteer work in a health facility as a medical assistant. It's important to note that the purpose is not to learn about medical science. Rather, it's to help potential doctors gather the needed exposure about the profession, which helps them make an informed choice to commit to the medical assistant programs. A clinical position that allows you to work alongside a doctor is much more suitable because it lets you peep into the lives of medical doctors. Make sure you get the most exposure by encompassing the outpatients and inpatients services.

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Demonstrating compassion for the underprivileged is another highly valued attribute that can make a medical student standout. Social responsibility is an essential characteristic of the medical field. Examples of ways to serve include offering tutoring for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, volunteering in a soup kitchen, or helping people with learning disabilities. Choose a program that you identify with and are passionate about and get involved.


Another great addition to a medical student's file is independent research. Research cultivates curiosity and helps one to find answers to thoughtful questions. Choose a research opportunity that engages you in other activities such as data analysis, study design, and literature review at a higher level. Any kind of research that involves finding a solution to questions in a systematic matter is acceptable. Through proper planning, you can demonstrate your level of commitment and your ability to balance activities to stand out as a medical student.


Leadership is an appealing quality for a medical student. Taking the initiative and bringing a group of people together to solve a problem can make you stand out in medical school. The catch is that they are not specifically looking for a title such as president or director of a club or organization., Medical students can demonstrate leadership potential through initiative, involvement, and ability to work on a team.

Medical students are not only required to have a strong aptitude towards science, but they also need to have a wide range of interests and skills. The above qualities, and a combination of strong scores, will help you sell yourself as a great student, thus getting you an edge over the crowd.

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