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ACOG Urges the Administration to Act on High Priority Health Issues


In response to the pandemic, President Trump issued an Executive Order that allows the federal government to expand existing policies and regulations in order to increase access to care and facilitate the nation’s economic recovery. This week, ACOG sent a letter to administration officials urging them to maintain certain policies implemented during the COVID-19 public health emergency that have helped obstetrician-gynecologists, including:

  • Make telehealth widely available to Medicare beneficiaries
  • Permanently cover audio-only telehealth visits
  • Maintain telehealth payment parity for audio-only and audio-video visits  
  • Expand access to remote patient monitoring and durable medical equipment
  • Support and encourage expanded access to telehealth coverage for Medicaid enrollees
  • Provide equitable financial relief to all obstetrics and gynecology practices
  • Modify the Quality Payment Program to ensure clinicians are not unfairly penalized
  • Issue guidance to the states regarding ongoing use of HHS Form 687: Consent for Sterilization
  • Extend Medicaid coverage for pregnant women beyond 60 days postpartum
  • Encourage the remaining states to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act
  • Invite states to extend waivers to provide coverage for testing and treatment of the uninsured

ACOG stands behind these evidence-based policies and continues to fight for protecting patients and physicians. Read more about ACOG’s advocacy and how you can join.