ACOG Continues Advocacy on Financial Support and Continuous Medicaid Coverage

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ACOG Continues Advocacy on Financial Support and Continuous Medicaid Coverage


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced this week that eligible practices must apply for additional relief funds by June 3. Practices that received a deposit from HHS before April 24 are eligible for additional funding. In order to receive additional funds, practices will need to confirm receipt of a previous payment and submit revenue data. Use our Step-by-Step guide to apply by the June 3 deadline!

ACOG recognizes that obstetrician-gynecologist practices continue to face serious financial strain and we are exhausting all possible avenues to secure the financial support you need: 

  • ACOG has repeatedly called on HHS to immediately send relief funds to women’s health practices, many of which have been excluded from the distribution of relief funds to date. 
  • We met with Congressional offices this week to discuss the need for additional financial support for obstetrician-gynecologists. 
  • This week more than 125 ACOG members added their voice to the charge, insisting that HHS must act to support obstetrician-gynecologists. 
  • We are also partnering with our District and Section leaders to urge private payers to create financial support programs for the obstetrician-gynecologists they contract with.
  • We told Congress to create additional financial assistance programs for physician practices of all sizes.
  • ACOG urged both the Small Business Administration and Federal Reserve to prioritize physician practices for COVID-19 related loans.
  • We are joining forces with our physician leaders to advocate for medical liability premium relief and broad liability protections for all obstetrician-gynecologists during the pandemic.

In addition, we sent a letter to HHS and CMS urging them to proactively communicate to women covered by Medicaid that they are guaranteed access to continuous coverage during the COVID-19 national emergency. Traditionally, women enrolled in Medicaid lose their eligibility for coverage at 60 days postpartum. We are also advocating for CMS to ensure sustainability of extended postpartum coverage after the national emergency subsides. Read more about the continuous coverage provision and our ongoing advocacy to extend Medicaid coverage for new moms.

We plan to continue our steadfast advocacy efforts to support your practice and your patients. Keep up with all of our work by visiting the COVID-19 Advocacy webpage!