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2018 Fellow Section Officer Elects

ACOG is proud to announce the 2018 Fellow Section Officer Elects.

District I Sections


Connecticut Chair: Amanda Kallen, MD


Connecticut Vice Chair: Brian Riley, DO, MPH

Connecticut Secretary/Treasurer*: Vrunda Desai, MD

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Chair: Ellen M. Joyce, MD

New Hampshire Vice Chair: Courtney B. Jones, MD

New Hampshire Secretary/Treasurer: Lauren C. Lessard, MD

District II Sections

New York Section 1

New York Section 1 Chair: Aleksandr M. Fuks, MD

New York Section 1 Vice Chair: Candice N. Fraser, MD

New York Section 4

New York Section 4 Chair: Nagaraj Gabbur, MD

New York Section 4 Vice Chair: Natalie B. Meirowitz, MD

New York Section 7

New York Section 7 Chair: Lance R. Bruck, MD

New York Section 7 Vice Chair: Carla Eng, MD

District III Sections

New Jersey

New Jersey Chair: Thomas Westover, MD

New Jersey Vice Chair: Michael A. Sbarra, MD

New Jersey Secretary/Treasurer: Daniel R. Morgan, MD

District IV Sections


Georgia Chair: David B. Byck, MD

Georgia Vice Chair: Ruth M. Cline, MD

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Chair: Nabal Bracero, MD

Puerto Rico Vice Chair: Jorge Ostolaza-Bey, MD


Virginia Chair: Aaron E. Goldberg, MD

Virginia Vice Chair: Ami H. Keatts, MD

Virginia Secretary/Treasurer: Michael D. Moxley, MD

District V Sections


Indiana Chair: Mary Pell Abernathy, MD, MS

Indiana Vice Chair: Nicole P. Scott, MD

Indiana Secretary: Matthew A. Will, MD

Indiana Treasurer: Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds, MD, MPH, MS

District VI Sections


Iowa Chair: Abigail C. Drucker, MD

Iowa Vice Chair: Shannon L.S. Leveridge, MD

Iowa Secretary/Treasurer: Debra J. Piehl, MD


Manitoba Chair: Lynne M. Sabeski, MD

Manitoba Vice Chair: Heather Ring, MD

North Dakota

North Dakota Chair: Stephanie K. Dahl, MD

North Dakota Vice Chair: Collette R. Lessard-Anderson, MD


Peru Chair: Alfredo Guzman, MD, MPH

Peru Vice Chair: Manuel Antonio Ciudad-Reynaud, MD

Peru Secretary: Jose A. Levano-Castro, MD

Peru Treasurer: Miguel Gutierrez-Ramos, MD

District VII Sections


Arkansas Chair: Michael G. Cope, MD

Arkansas Vice Chair: J. Kyle Citty, MD

Arkansas Secretary/Treasurer: Michael V.C. Smith, MD


Mississippi Chair: D. Paul Seago, MD

Mississippi Vice Chair: Brandy R. Patterson, MD

Mississippi Secretary/Treasurer: J. Preston Parry, MD, MPH


Tennessee Chair: Howard L. Curlin, MD

Tennessee Vice Chair: David J. Soll, MD

Tennessee Secretary: Lara Harvey, MD, MPH

Tennessee Treasurer: Howard E. Herrell, MD

District VIII Sections

British Columbia

British Columbia Chair: Marius P. Pienaar, MD

British Columbia Vice Chair: Peter S. Wilson, MD


Colorado Chair: Alethia E. Morgan, MD

Colorado Vice Chair: Emily N. Schneider, MD, MS


Hawaii Chair: Chrystie K. Fujimoto, MD

Hawaii Vice Chair: Reni Soon, MD

New Mexico

New Mexico Chair: Sharon T. Phelan, MD

New Mexico Vice Chair: Sara B. Cichowski, MD

New Mexico Treasurer: Lisa G. Hofler, MD, MPH, MBA


Oregon Chair: Nicole E. Marshall, MD

Oregon Vice Chair: Carrie Fredrick Miles, MD, MPH

Oregon Secretary: Julia E. Barnes, MD

Oregon Treasurer: Michael J. Lee, MD

District IX Sections

California Section 2

California Section 2 Chair: Susan Crowe, MD

California Section 2 Vice Chair: Pratima Gupta, MD, MPH

California Section 3

California Section 3 Chair: Jane Van Dis, MD

California Section 3 Vice Chair: Jana A. Thor, DO, MSHS

California Section 6

California Section 6 Chair: Mikio A. Nihira, MD, MPH

California Section 6 Vice Chair: Diwata Hope A. Bose, MD

District X Sections


Army Chair: Alison L. Batig, MD (LTC, MC, USA)

Army Vice Chair: Caela R. Miller, MD (LTC, MC, USA)

Army Vice Chair-Retired: Alicia Y. Christy, MD (COL-Retired)

District XI Sections

Texas Section 2

Texas Section 2 Chair: Amit I. Patel, MD

Texas Section 2 Vice Chair: Patricia Santiago Munoz, MD

Texas Section 2 Secretary/Treasurer: Dave W. Stovall, MD

Texas Section 5

Texas Section 5 Chair: Patrick S. Ramsey, MD, MSPH

Texas Section 5 Vice Chair: Efraim Vela, MD

Texas Section 5 Secretary/Treasurer: Margaret A. Kelley, MD

District XII Sections

Florida Section 3

Florida Section 3 Chair: Stephen P. Snow, MD

Florida Section 3 Vice Chair: Melissa M. Yates, MD

Florida Section 6

Florida Section 6 Chair: Steven J. Ory, MD

Florida Section 6 Vice Chair: John P. Diaz, MD

*Denotes and appointed position
Please contact [email protected] or (202) 863-2531 if you have any election related questions or concerns.