The CREOGPD listserv is an email list for program directors and associate program directors of approved obstetrics and genecology residency and fellowship training programs to share resources with and ask questions of their peers. Appropriate topics for the listserv are anything related to CREOG, residency and fellowship programs, and your job as a program director or associate program director.


To subscribe to the CREOGPD Listserv, go to the CREOGPD Listserv webpage and sign up for the listserv with the same email that you use to log into your ACOG account. When you sign up for the listserv, you will also be given the option to "Pick a Password" for your listserv account. You will use this password to access the archive. If you do not wish to create one, the system will generate one for you and will send it to you with your confirmation email.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Please reference our frequently asked questions to answer any questions you may have on listserv etiquette, how to access the archive, troubleshooting your access issues, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions