UPDATE: These materials were created for use with the first iteration of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education's Milestones and are not updated with new information.

The CREOG Milestones Task Force was created in the spring of 2013 by the CREOG Council Chair, Lee Learman, MD, PhD (2011-2014). The work products of the Task Force are:

Milestone Assessment Tools

Milestone assessment tools may be used by ob-gyn residency programs as adjuncts or alternatives to assessment tools the program currently has in place. The tools were created by Task Force members in consideration of applicability to the implementation of Obstetrics & Gynecology Milestones, but are intended to be suggested options for each individual program to utilize and modify as it sees fit locally. These are meant to provide additional options to the Program Director and the Clinical Competency Committee, and incorporation should not be interpreted to be compulsory.

Milestone Faculty Development Tools

Milestone faculty development tools may be used by ob-gyn residency programs for education and on-going faculty and resident development when introducing and reinforcing the importance and goals of implementation of the ACGME ObGyn Milestones, the role of the Clinical Competency Committee, and examples of how to assess the ObGyn residency program’s existing evaluation tools for transferability to ACGME Milestones tracking and reporting.   

May Hsieh Blanchard, MD, FACOG
Chair, CREOG Education Committee, 2013-2016

Milestones Assessments Tools

Milestones Faculty Development Tools

SPECIAL THANKS, again, to the hard-working members of the CREOG Milestones Task Force, led by Lee Learman, MD PhD:

Karen Adams
Sarah Appleton
Erika Banks
Bret Barrier
Mike Brady
Robert Casanova
Seine Chiang
Cindy Croteau
Lisa Crouse
Vani Dandolu
Julie Decesare
Marygrace Elson
Laurie Erickson
Lisa Foglia
Amanda Frevert
Gary Frishman
Rajiv Gala Karen George
Alice R. Goepfert
Gabey Gosman
Robert Higgins
Siri Kjos
Paul Lemen
Rebecca McAlister
Arthur Ollendorff
Meg O’Reilly
Laura Pliska
Phillip Rauk
Hope Ricciotti
Roopina Sangha
Alexandra (Sashi) Weiss
Sarah Wilson
Mark Woodland

New Milestone Tools

The following new Milestone Assessment Tools, created by the CREOG Milestones Tools Team, were presented at the 2014 CREOG Education Retreat.

The CREOG Milestones Tools Team

Mike Brady, MD
Vani Dandolu, MD 
Julie DeCesare, MD 
Marygrace Elson, MD
Gary Frishman, MD
Rajiv Gala, MD 
Gabey Gosman, MD
Arthur Ollendorff, MD 
Sarah Wilson, MD
Erika Banks, MD
CREOG Milestones Tools Team Leader