2024 Examination Timeline

The 2024 CREOG examination may be given over four consecutive days:

  • Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Thursday, January 18, 2024
  • Friday, January 19, 2024
  • Saturday, January 20, 2024

Programs who have difficulty scheduling all their residents in one day have the option of administering the examination for up to four consecutive days. Any request to deviate from this policy must be submitted in writing to CREOG for consideration.

Please note: individual residents must still complete the examination in one day.

There are no make-up or alternate days for the CREOG Examination.

Exam Structure

The examination requires one full day of testing in five blocks, with each block being 60 minutes. There are suggested 10-minute breaks after the first, second, and fourth test blocks, and one suggested 60-minute break after the third test block. The exam will consist of 300 questions, with 60 questions per test block.

To elaborate, all of the breaks are suggested, not mandatory, and each resident will be able to start their breaks (or skip them) as they finish a section. The residents don’t need to take their breaks at the same time as some will move through an exam block more quickly than others, while others will need the full 60 minutes per session.

The decision to change the structure of the exam was made with the residents/examinees in mind and follows best-practice recommendations from the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

CREOG ITE Important Dates and Information

Exam Administration Resources

Please see the NBME resource companion guide to assist in your preparation for administering the CREOG Exam.

Exam Registration

Registration for the 2023 exam is closed.

Special Accommodations

The 2023 application for special accommodation is closed. 

Proctor Selection

Select one Chief Proctor per test site. The Chief Proctor is responsible for performing any actions that affect ALL examinees, such as starting the exam session, ending the exam session, and submitting the Test Administration Report. The Chief Proctor must remain on-site during the entire exam.

Recruit one Assistant Proctor for every 20 to 25 examinees expected in each testing room. Examinees should not be left unmonitored or without a proctor in the test room during the exam. If your test site has more than one testing room, you will need one Assistant Proctor for every additional room with a dedicated computer workstation to assist with managing the test administration. Additional support staff should also be available to relieve the Chief Proctor and Assistant Proctors, if necessary.

2023 Proctor Training

Proctors for the CREOG ITE will now be able to login to monitor and manage examinee progress in real time. In preparation, proctors will receive a copy of the Chief Proctors Manual for instructions on how to set up workstations, download the secure browser, log into the exam administration system, and monitor examinee progress.

New This Year

The ITE can be taken on laptops with either macOS and Windows operating systems.

COVID-19 Protocols

The administration of the CREOG ITE continues to be challenged by the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the guidance below to help address some of the COVID-19-related concerns for the ITE administration:

  • To help comply with physical distancing guidelines, spacing the residents throughout multiple rooms may be necessary and is acceptable for exam administration.
    • If multiple rooms are used, a proctor is required for each room where residents will be testing.
    • You may recruit additional proctors from within your institution to help you with test administration, such as Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, or other internal faculty.
  • Utilizing a computer center or testing center is not necessary. Any classroom or auditorium can be used for the CREOG Examination. Residents can use their own laptops to access the examination. Administering the exam in two or three groups of residents on each testing day may help alleviate space limitations.
  • Virtual proctoring for the 2023 CREOG ITE is permitted. Virtual proctoring instructions will be sent closer to the date of administration.

Further communication and instruction on all aspects of exam registration and administration will be sent during the lead up to the exam. Please continue to check your inbox and the website for further updates.