These Verbs Are Better Avoided Those that are often used but are open to many interpretations: appreciate, have faith in, know, learn, understand, believe



Level of Learning Cognitive Learning (the participant should be able to...)


(remember information)

characterize, cite, count, define, describe, draw, identify, indicate, label, list, match, name, outline, point, quote, read, recall, recite, recognize, record, relate, repeat, reproduce, select, state, tabulate, tell, trace, write


(understand or organize stored information)

associate, classify, compare, compute, contrast, convert, defend, derive, describe, differentiate, discuss, distinguish, estimate, explain, express, extend, extrapolate, generate, give examples, illustrate, infer, interpolate, interpret, locate, paraphrase, predict, reorder, report, restate, review, rewrite, summarize, translate


(use information to solve problems)

apply, calculate, change, choose, classify, complete, compute, demonstrate, discover, dramatize, employ, examine, illustrate, interpolate, interpret, locate, manipulate, modify, operate, order, practice, predict, prepare, produce, relate, report, restate, review, schedule, select, show, sketch, solve, translate, use, utilize


(consider evidence to reach conclusion)

 analyze, appraise, break down, conclude, contract, criticize, debate, deduce, detect, determine, diagram, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, experiment, identify, illustrate, infer, inspect, inventory, outline, point out, question, regroup, relate, separate, select, subdivide, summarize


(break down information to understand components)

arrange, assemble, categorize, codify, collect, combine, compile, compose, construct, create, design, detect, develop, devise, draw, explain, formulate, generalize, generate, integrate, manage, modify, organize, originate, plan, predict, prepare, prescribe, produce, propose, rearrange, reconstruct, relate, reorganize, revise, rewrite, solve, specify, summarize, synthesize, tell, write


(judge merit)

 appraise, argue, assess, choose, compare, conclude, contrast, criticize, critique, decide, describe, discriminate, determine, estimate, explain, evaluate, grade, interpret, judge, justify, measure, rank, rate, recommend, relate, revise, score, select, summarize, support, test


Level of Learning Psychomotor Learning (the participant should be able to...)

Motor Skills

auscultate, diagnose, hold, measure, palpate, pass, percuss, project, visualize, etc.


Level of Learning Affective Learning (the participant should be able to...)


(attend to stimuli)

ask, choose, describe, follow, give, hold, identify, locate, name, pick, point to, select, reply, use


(react to stimuli)

aid, answer, assist, comply, conform, discuss, greet, help, label, perform, practice, present, read, recite, report, select, tell, write


(attach significance to ideas)

complete, describe, differentiate, explain, follow, form, initiate, invite, join, justify, propose, read, report, select, share, start, study, work


(build value systems)

adhere, alter, arrange, assemble, combine, compare, complete, defend, explain, generalize, identify, integrate, modify, order, organize, prepare, relate, synthesize


(develop person style)

act, convince, discriminate, display, exemplify, influence, listen, modify, perform, practice, question, reflect, revise, serve, solve, use, verify