Florida lawmakers are are attempting to advance Senate Bill 146 (SB 146) and House Bill 5 (HB 5), two bills that would ban abortion care at 15 weeks.

In a statement, Shelly Holmström, MD, Chair of ACOG District XII (Florida), said of SB 146 and HB 5, “Like all medical matters, decisions regarding reproductive medical care should be made between a patient and their health care provider—not lawmakers, who have no place in the exam room. Medically unjustified regulations of health care, including restrictions on abortion care, are harmful to our patients and to the health of our communities.”

What's at Stake

  • Organizations representing physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals are united against bans such as SB 146 and HB 5 because they are fundamentally at odds with the provision of safe and essential health care, with scientific evidence, and with medical ethics
  • The most severely harmed by these bills are those who already face structural barriers to health care, in particular, people of color, those with limited socioeconomic means, and those in rural communities or living long distances from a health care provider
  • Absent federal constitutional protections, under SB 146 and HB 5 Floridians would be forced to travel an average of 570 miles farther to the nearest clinic, which would significantly increase the risks already associated with pregnancy, especially for those patients with high-risk pregnancies
  • SB 146 and HB 5 tie the hands of health-care professionals, threatening them with penalties for providing the standard of care, delivered with compassion and respect, to their patients

Resources and How to Get Involved