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Stop South Carolina Abortion Restrictions

The South Carolina legislature is once again moving to advance grave restrictions on reproductive health care, including legislation to criminalize abortion care and information, support, and counseling related to abortion care. These proposals are harmful to women's health and their futures, and fundamentally interfere with the practice of medicine.

ACOG South Carolina and our partners across the health care community are calling on state lawmakers to turn their attention to the urgent health care needs of our state's families and communities instead of focusing on divisive, unpopular restrictions on reproductive health care that jeopardize our patients and our profession.

What's At Stake

Since South Carolina's six-week ban went into effect, there have been profound consequences for South Carolina communities, the obstetrician–gynecologist profession, and the practice of medicine in South Carolina. Patients are facing confusion and anxiety, and fear for their health and lives. The law has tied the hands of our colleagues across the spectrum of care and from all corners of the state.

ACOG South Carolina is committed to speaking out against this law and ongoing political attempts to restrict reproductive health care, criminalize clinicians for even discussing abortion care, and impede physicians' duty to care, even in medical emergencies.

Get Involved

Add your name to our open letter to Protect Access to All Reproductive Care in South Carolina. Addressed to the people of South Carolina, this letter reassures communities that our state's health care professionals are committed to fighting for them, provides critical information and resources, and signals to legislators that we—the experts—overwhelmingly oppose medically unjustified regulations of health care, including restrictions on abortion care.

Contact [email protected] to connect with your ACOG South Carolina Section officers for more information and opportunities to advocate with us.