Pregnancy-related complications result in approximately 700 deaths in the United States each year. For every pregnancy-related death, there are 70 severe maternal morbidity events, or unexpected outcomes of labor and delivery that result in significant short- or long-term consequences to someone's health.

Maternal health disparities are especially marked for specific racial and ethnic minorities. Non-Hispanic Black and Indigenous individuals have higher rates of pregnancy-related deaths and severe maternal morbidity than individuals of other racial and ethnic groups. Indigenous and Black women have approximately two to three times, respectively, higher pregnancy-related mortality ratios compared to white women.

ACOG works with its members, policymakers, and leadership organizations in women’s health care to bring this critical work to the forefront by raising awareness, issuing clinical guidance that meet the highest standards of care, and engaging health care professionals to join in the effort to confront the U.S. maternal mortality crisis.


How ACOG Is Combating Maternal Mortality

Learn about ACOG’s initiatives to eliminate preventable maternal mortality, as well as ACOG’s advocacy work supporting federal and state legislation that addresses prevention and systems improvement and includes resources to improve maternal safety.


How Physicians and Health Care Professionals Can Get Involved

Physicians and health care professionals play a big role in eliminating preventable maternal mortality. Find out how to join ACOG in becoming a part of the solution and discover the resources available to help you improve quality at your institution.


What Patients Should Know

Help empower yourself, your friends, and your family members to recognize urgent maternal warning signs that could indicate a life-threatening situation and become your best advocate.

Patient Safety Tool

Patient Resource

Urgent Maternal Warning Signs

Symptoms to be aware of during or after pregnancy from the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM).