You are officially invited to get involved, because your specialty and your patients need your leadership now more than ever! We are currently accepting nominations from the following Districts and Sections for the 2022-2024 term.

Application Process

To become a candidate for office your official address must be within the district or section in which you are running for office. Fellows were asked to submit the following materials electronically to, by July 1, 2021:

  1. Letter from you stating the office for which you would like to be a candidate
  2. A one-page, single-sided, summary statement of your curriculum vitae (sample) attached
  3. Complete curriculum vitae
  4. Signed copy of the Policy on Public Statements by ACOG Officers and Those Seeking Nomination for Office

When candidates submit this information, their applications will be processed, and they will be contacted to confirm official candidacy, after which their name will be listed on the ACOG website under the position for which they applied. Candidate materials will be distributed to each District or Section Nominating Committee in the fall for consideration.

Read the position descriptions and responsibilities associated with each office. Once you access this page, please scroll to the bottom to view all position descriptions.

With any questions, please contact Megan Willis,  Fellow Election Manager at or (202) 863-2531.

District Positions


*District Chairs Elect will automatically move on to serve a separate term as the District Chair once their Chair Elect term is complete. By applying for this particular office you are agreeing to serve a total of four years (one two-year term as District Chair Elect, and one two-year term as District Chair). Automatic ascension applies to this position only.

Section Positions

District I Sections

District II Sections

District III Sections

District IV Sections

District V Sections

District VI Sections

District VII Sections

District VIII Sections

District IX Sections

District X Sections

District XI Sections

District XII Sections

Denotes an appointed position