Virtual Residency Showcase

Social Media Event | Sep 20-26, 2020

Residencies, are you looking for a way to showcase your residency program to future OB-Gyn medical student this year? Medical students, are you looking for information about the residency programs you are most interested in to take your career to the next level?

New this year, ACOG is hosting a week-long social media event that will help both residency programs connect with medical students and medical students learn about different residency programs. It’s easy to participate in the ACOG Virtual Residency Showcase, September 20–26th. 

Residency Programs: Each day represents a different topic of your residency programs. To showcase your residency program, post information on the social medial platform of your choice and make sure to use #ACOGResWeek20 and #ACOG, so students can follow along and engage with your program. Utilizing your residency specific social media accounts, prepare posts related to each day’s topic during the Virtual Residency Showcase. Consider also updating your profiles to include a link to your program’s website and the full name of your program as listed in ERAS/NRMP. Make sure your program is using best practice for engaging with students on social media.

Medical Students: Follow #ACOGResWeek20 and #ACOG and gain easy access to the residency programs participating and learn about what their programs offer. Make sure you are using best practice for engaging with programs on social media.

Residency Showcase Topics


Resident Spotlights

  • Photos/bios/videos of residents

  • What are their interests outside of medicine?

  • Where do residents go after residency?


Faculty Spotlights

  • Photos/Bios/Videos of attendings

  • What current research are you working on? Are you collaborating with residents on this project?

  • What do you hope your residents will learn by the time they graduate? 


Resident Takeover

  • Include photos or videos of the hospital/resident work room/clinics

  • What can applicants expect if they match there?

  • What rotations do you do each year?


Unique Aspects of Your Program

  • Highlight the unique strengths of your program such as: fellowships, access to simulation training, community outreach programs, international electives, and specialty clinics


Wellness and Resident Support

  • Photos/Videos from resident retreats or wellness weeks

  • What aspects of the program help foster resident wellness? (Call schedule/taking time off for personal reasons/comradery or morale)

  • How do PD incorporate resident feedback?



  • How does your program address #MedEd?

  • How do your residents partake in advocacy? How does your program address diversity and inclusion?

  • List of current research projects?


Interprofessional/Institutional Spotlights

  • How do the residents/faculty interact with other specialties or nurses?

  • Interprofessional and cross specialty education and collaborations?

  • Program coordinator introduction and highlights

Additional Hashtags: #ACOG #OBGYN #ObGynTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #MedEd #ACOGmedstudent

Best Practices

Engaging with programs on Social Media

  1. Follows/retweets do not indicate likelihood of interview offer or rank status
  2. Direct questions regarding residency through indicated contact individual on program website rather than Direct Message
  3. Consider utilizing your full name in your professional Social Media account 
  4. Consider utilizing a professional photograph 

Programs: Bio Statement

  1. Legal language for consideration: Views do not represent the institution
  2. Provide official program name as listed on ERAS, consider adding program code
  3. Avoid acronyms 
  4. Link the program’s website