Engaging Community in Redesigning Prenatal Care

The Plan for Appropriate Tailored Healthcare in Pregnancy (PATH)

About the Webinar

In 2020, ACOG in collaboration with University of Michigan convened a panel of maternity care experts to review prenatal care delivery and determine revised prenatal care recommendations for average-risk pregnant individuals. The resulting recommendations from the Panel, the Plan for Appropriate Tailored Healthcare in pregnancy (PATH) are now published in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The objectives of the webinar are the following:

  • A call to action: why now is the time for a prenatal care redesign
  • Review the evidence base for prenatal care, including prenatal services and delivery
  • Introduce the PATH panel, a national panel convened in fall of 2020 to review prenatal care recommendations and discuss the panel process and recommendations
  • Provide an overview of ACOG’s Redesigning Prenatal Care initiative’s roadmap to incorporating stakeholders’ voices and improving maternity care

The webinar is part of ACOG’s Redesigning Prenatal Care Initiative.